Collect Hole: Gather Geometric Objects and Grow Your Black Hole!

Collect Hole is a fun and addictive single-player game where you need to collect colorful geometric objects to grow your black hole!
In this eye-catching world full of various geometric shapes like cubes, cylinders, and spheres, increase the size and power of your black hole by progressing through the levels.

The most fun and exciting offline black hole game of 2023 awaits you in a world full of colorful geometric objects!

In the game, use the magnet bonus to quickly collect objects around you, helping your black hole grow.
As you collect objects and your black hole grows, you will earn more gold and have a chance to advance to new levels.

Collect Hole is an offline game that offers a goal of achieving the highest score and climbing the rankings.
In this fun and colorful arcade game, reach the top with quick thinking and fast reflexes!

Choose your favorite customizable black hole skin and create your unique style. Develop strategies to cope with geometric objects that move faster and become more complex over time.
In this immersive and entertaining black hole game, show how far you can go and become a black hole hero by collecting geometric objects!

To pass the game level, increase the game time, black hole size, and use the magnet bonus to level up.

Play Collect Hole now and enjoy the colorful geometric world while growing your black hole!

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